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Vivarch Enrichment 

In approaching a brochure design brief, we have to keep the end purpose in mind. Is it a giveaway at an exhibition, part of a sales presentation or a leave-behind brochure? When the intended audience opens it, what will it say to them? Design for the purpose, not for yourself - an often forgotten maxim. 


Art Direction, Print & Email


Vivarch Enrichment



Vivarch Enrichment

The Brochure

A brochure is one of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook. While digital strategies dominate modern marketing trends, traditional techniques like the trusty sales brochure aren’t going anywhere. In fact, physical marketing media may be more powerful than ever.

One marketing research firm suggests that physical media is more memorable, more persuasive, and more likely to drive behaviour than digital media.

The best marketing strategies of today integrate the digital with the physical - aligning the brochures with the website, email campaign drip and social media graphics.

Vivarch Brochure02.jpg

The Approach

Vivarch understands the audience and has opted for a brochure that is simple and easy to read. Function is key when it comes to design. All the bells and whistles may not be practical for the user, so this minimal design works really well.


But this does not mean it has to be boring. We use bold primary colours and stand out photos to make it pleasing to look at along while being easy to read. Functionality, practicality and user experience are really important in design.


Our creatives work across Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to design awesome brochure. We can work with the assets you supply or help you source photography and craft your copy.

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